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hi frns..need some help..

I am trying to install windows XP pro. I can create the partition each time. Its only while the screen where it installs Xp(39 mins remainig) the system crashes and shuts automatically. When i check BIOS as soon as this happens i find the processor temp around 75-80 degrees. It starts getting normal if I leave it as it is in BIOS screen but when i try to install xp again I get the same crash at the same point of installation.
tried changing RAM, HD. i am clueless.
Tried reseating processor and its heat sink.
I have already exchanged the mobo from manufctr.

If i try to install win 7 i cant go beyond 'windows is expanding file'. either a black screen or a screen with black & white stripes appear.

It all started with system freezing randomly and while trying to resolve it had lead me to this prblem.

athlonIIX4 635 2.9ghz
gigabyte GAMA74GMT S2
2gb kingston + 2gb corsair (tried individual RAM, memory test successful)
segeate 500gb braccuda 7200rm (ran chdsk with no issues)

1 strange thing that i noticed was times my monitor did not give any display atall thogh the system was on (the HD LED light used to be on continuously). Then i tried switching power cords of HD & DVD and surprisingly it worked and i could atleast get the display. I have to this few times to get the display but still cant install windows.
in XP system crashes and in win7 i get a blank screen..
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  1. Your current cooling system is obviously not good enough on cpu load. Try cpu fans with higher CFM rating, regardless the noise, sinks with a copper core, silver thermal compound is best. You can have a cool system or one you cannot do much with but is silent. Next check your bios settings regarding the cpu fan, I assume you do not overclock, have the fan run all the time, regardless of cpu use.
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