Cannot overclock with my Asus PtP41T LE Motherboard! Please help!


When i try to overclock my CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6600 with a Asus PtP41T LE Motherboard it doesn't let me select options:

CPU Frequency - Blocked
PCI Express Frequency - Blocked

Memory Voltage - Blocked
MB Voltage - Blocked
CPU VTT - Blocked
SB 1,5v Voltage - Blocked

All of these are blocked, i press enter but nothing happens but the rest of them are free if i can say so.
Please help me, sorry my bad english
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  1. What do you mean "blocked", it says manual, 266, and ram is on auto. Just change it.
  2. When i select the option with my arrow keys and press enter nothing happens i tried changing what i could change but i doesn't let me change the blocked ones.
    It doesn't let me change anything what i listed in my previous post!

    Best regards
  3. What motherboard? Some bios have a lock, check your manual. You would unlock by pressing f12 or something in the bios.
  4. Nevermind i founded, after resetting some stuff on the Motherboard the bios finally let me edit
    Tip: pressing Enter won't work try "-" or "+" instead or, press backspace and write the numers you like
    This threat is solved!
    Thank you!
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