Is my RAM busted?

Hi guys. first of all thanks for your time. here's the problem. Starting from yesterday all of my games have stopped working. They all crash 1 to 2 minutes after I load, sometimes even during loading.

I looked around and it seems that this is a symptom of busted memory, and hence RAM. is that true? what are the other possibilities and what are the solutions? Note that all other apps and programmes beside games seem to be running well.

PS. I know i can test it out with memtest, but i don't know how. instructions are welcome.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1st, we need know all the specifications of your rig. CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU....

    Now, for memtest, maybe THIS can help you.
  2. my spec - C2D E7200, Nvidia 8800GT, 2gb Ram, on a MSI P35 Neo 2 (this one i'm not so sure, but probably right).
  3. The RAM is 2x1GB or only one stick of 2GB?
  4. gosh, you got me there.... i think it's one stick. how does it matter?
  5. Because isn't the same 1 stick of 2GB that 2x1GB sticks. Remove the RAM of your mobo and try to test in another mobo, also, test your rig with another RAM.
  6. I'm fraid that's not very feasible for me. Most of my friends are using laptops. I'll run the memory test later. But supposing the RAM is fine - what else could the problem be?
  7. Well if the RAM is Ok, could be the mobo or PSU. You can run memtest from the boot, test your system with that and let me know the results.
  8. I prepped the ISO boot disc ( or at least i thought i did it correctly ), restarted and this was what happened.

    I'll admit, it's quite a sight but i have absolutely no idea what this is. please advice.....
  9. Take a look of this page, looks like a bad boot disk.

    And check this for the correct boot drive.
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