OCZ Solid 3 Need Help

Hello Everyone :)

I recently bought an ssd and loaded windows onto it. As you may of guessed it is the OCZ Solid 3.

These are my system specs:
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
Corsair Vengeance 8 GB @ 1866
OCZ Solid 3 120GB

The advertized read/write speeds are i believe 500/450 MB/s respectively.
When i bench my SSD using hd tune, I get around 275 MB/s read. I don't have the pro version so no write speed.
When i use AS SSD, I get around 205 MB/s read and 140 MB/s write.

I've been around to countless forms talking about making sure AHCI is active on your sata, and that sata 6 drivers are installed. I've had no windows breaking errors using the ssd, just slightly disappointing performance.

Something interesting to note is that it doesn't spike up to 275 MB/s on hd tune it acts like thats its ceiling as it stays there nearly the entire test. I was speculating that these are sata 2 speeds, however in bios it reads 6Gb/s sata and even lists it as a 6Gb device at post. I have exhausted my limited knowledge of what to do next, so any advice/tips are appreciated :)

Thanks a bunch

Edit: Something of note, im using the 6Gb sata cables that were included with my mobo, if this makes a difference.
Also, the drivers that are being using are intels iastor.sys for the sata/ahci controller and mv91xx.sys for the sata 6G controller
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  1. The advertised speed of "up to" 500 MB/s Read and 450 MB/s Write are with ATTO benchmark. You’ll have to run that to see how your drive compares.

    Advertised AS-SSD specs for your drive are "up to" 185 MB/s Read and 125 MB/s Write.

    You are getting 110% of advertised Reads and 112% of advertised Writes.
  2. The problem with "advertized" speed and what you get can diff significantly. The Advertized speed is the max when testing with uncomperssed data that is easily compressed. Manuf want to put the BEST possible spin in advertizment. For example As SSD (which is what I use) uses compressed data for the test. Therfore the values will be significantly lower than ATTO which uses data that is compressable. The real test - How long does win7 take to load, What is the lag time time in opening a program. For example I can click on a spreedsheet (recent links) and Excel and the spreedsheet are there BEFORE I can move my mouse to edit a field.

    Here is Anandtech eval for the agility 3 (Should be faster than solid3) using as-ssd
    Write speed 162, Read 209 (AND that is for the 240 gig version, 120 gig lower still)

    NOTE: do NOT run the SSD benchmark test often!!
  3. Appreciate the reply :)

    Alright so i ran a few tests using ATTO Disk Bench.

    Using the best possible scenario for achieving a maximum number I got 375MB/s read and 236 MB/s write. I do realize that this is closer, but Im still only getting 75% of my read speed and 52% of my write. I could understand 85 - 99% but i figure im a little low still. Any ideas?

    RetiredChief: Thanks for the reply. I fully understand that, and thats why I ran ATTO like Dereck suggested. I still feel that im not quite in the neighborhood i should be in as you can see with my percentages above.
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    Which port is your drive connected to?

    The 2 Grey Intel 6 Gb/s ports offer greater performance than the 2 Navy Blue Marvell 6 Gb/s ports.
  5. RetiredChief: After bios is done doing its thing from when windows starts to think about loading to the desktop is 14.7 seconds.

    Dereck47: I am indeed in the navy blue ports because of the way the bios wasnt recognizing my harddisk in the other ports. This now makes sense why intel rapid storage technology isnt displaying my ssd. I will reroute them and bring back some data.
  6. 14.7 from complete post to ready to click a program sound s fine.

    As to your low scores, that could be because you have run several benchmarks. You will need to give it time to allow trim and CG to work there magic. Empty recycle bin (Me, I've told windows not to put deleted files into recycle bin) and log off the system and leave on for a extended period of time (some say to leave in this state over night).
  7. Ok so Dereck nailed it. I actually have some silly results to display.

    The write speed went over 500 MB/s on the last 8 tests ATTO does. It hit 514 3 times and peaked at 516 MB/s

    The read speed went over 500 MB/s 5 times, however it peaked at 546 MB/s.

    If this is how they benchmarked it at the factory, i suppose ive nailed their specifications and then some. You gents over here know exactly what your talking about.

    And I appreciate the helpful advice RetiredChief, there is alot I dont know so thanks :) I will retime boot with new port and edit this post.

    Edit: Reboot time dropped almost a full second at 13.8 seconds. Thanks a bunch fellas :)
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