I7 860 Build Need Advice.

Nearly ready to order my parts, money clears through to paypal tomorrow and they will ship to me.

Right now I am looking at building my computer that is going to last me awhile, and I have 2 motherboards in mind currently:

1 that doesn't have NF200 chip and one that Does.

ASUS Maximus Formula III


Difference being, the NF200 chip allows for 3 way SLI/CF so 16x-8x-8x-8x (Last slot designed for Physx but I already have my 5870 in my old computer and will be using that .

One nice thing with the Maximus formula is it comes with a decent Sound card which is a + and RoG Connect is just awesome =0.

But here is the thing that is the deal breaker for me between the two I don't want to risk a bad PSU.
I know Corsair PSU's aren't going to blow up on me so I've been going with that so far on the build

All I can do really is guess from PSU Calcs how much it will take up with 3x ATI 5870's which run at max of 180W each so 540W + i7 860 (Oced to about 3.5-3.6) + 8GB 1333mhz Ram + Case fans and from what I've seen its very close.

I can save some money going for Rosewill 950W or some other ones within my price range:

Rosewill 950W 150$ (Can Combo with 860 and save another 20$)
BFG Tech 1000W 199$
hec Zephyr 1000W 189$
KINGWIN Mach 1 1000W 229$ (This is the most stretch I can go mind you this is even a bit over my budget.)

Those are the ones within my price range and have not horrid ratings of blowing up on the spot with Rosewill being the worst on rating's.

So What do you think I'll need when I come around to Tri-CFing my 5870's or should I even bother and just go with Maximus Formula and save some Green. Which I would be going for the Corsair 850W Professional PSU (it ends up being a bit more on Cnd site but its worth the 10$.

Another thing that bothered me about all of the PSU's most of them only have 4 PCI-E Connectors and the 5870 doesn't support 4pin Adapters only one with 6 total (3x PCI 6 and 3x PCI 8) is the hec Zephyr which not 100% sure about.
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  1. Stick with the Corsair 850. There is no substitute for a quality power supply. It has a single 70amp 12V rail which should power 3 5870s (20amps per card should be adequite).
    since the other ones you are looking at are non modular, save a bit and go with the nonmodular form of the 850HX. I would stick to the ASUS Maximus if you are going to be going with a 5870 since a recent update to physX now prevents it from working if an ATI card is the primary display adapter.
  3. what does the maximus have that this doesn have
  4. I know the Maximus is high priced but I will be doing overclocking and it is within my budget, so I am fitting what will fit within my budget, so Hunter the board won't work well with 3x 5870 then?

    I don't 100% understand alot about some of the recent hardware.

    Good to hear that that 850 would be enough though, but I would like to have the modular cables >.< so I don't have a ton I don't need dangling around, I don't even really feel the effect of a mail in rebate so its worth 10$ more.

    Mainly now I just need a decision between 2x or 3x CF
  5. The only way to run triple graphics cards, particularly 5870s, well is with an X58 board, the 5850 showed mild performance hits at 8x/8x crossfire on a P55 board so you can expect the 5870 to be hit harder. That EVGA board will technically support 3 dual slot cards, but even running 2 cards the 5870 review on this site ran into heat throttling issues so you really need a board that can provide a spare slot between them like the maximus does. If you get a single 5870 now you can get a 5870x2 down the line, if 3 of those cards arent sufficient for you then your monitor is worth more than my house.
  6. Well I figured I don't need more then this 5870 for awhile let alone 2 of them, I know they cook up a storm, which is why I'm ordering another Exhaust fan to stick above the first one and I'll figure it out with the other one.

    But ya I think I'll stick with the Asus board then.

    And no 5870 isn't restricted by the 8x slot only a 2% performance drop, and only a like 17% performance drop on a 1x slot =)
  7. I assume you're kidding, it won't even run on a x1 slot...
  8. Go look up the Bandwidth Scaling benchmarks.
    im going to call BS on you now, because even an 8800GTS gets hit very hard by a 1x slot getting hit down to 25% of its 16x performance.

    I would believe 17% performance but not a 17% performance drop in a 1x slot, post a benchmark from a reliable source if you can find any that support that.
  10. here it be:

    Sorry I read the review a bit back didn't remember exact number but its 25% drop.
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    hunter315 said:,1572-8.html
    im going to call BS on you now, because even an 8800GTS gets hit very hard by a 1x slot getting hit down to 25% of its 16x performance.
    Thats an nvidia card. Look at the ATI in the same review. Much less degradation in the pcie x1 slot and almost none in the x4 slot.
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