Increase cpu fan speed

I want to increase the rpm of cpu fan. currently it is running @ 1800 rpm
is there any way to increase the fan speed so that cpu temp can decrease?
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  1. its automatic on any modern system and looks after its self (pwm etc)

    your cpu should run under 60ºc which is fine - no need to worry
  2. The automatic fan control usually don't works very well. In the BIOS you can find the option for rise the fan at 50%, 60%, 80% or 100% all the time.
  3. It also depends on the max rpms of your fans.
    Increasing the fan speed from my experience doesn't drop the temps that much.
    Maybe only 2 or 3 degrees C max.

    I've seen better results by switching the thermal paste.

    A combination of the 2 will noticeably drop your temps.
  4. Or a better heatsink.
  5. I have changed the setting in BIOS for my CPU fan to aim for 40 degrees all the time, and set the min speed to 87.5% but still it sits at around 2050 RPM all the time - it is supposed to have a max speed of 2500 :/

    Its Arctic Cooling freezer pro 7 rev 2.

    My i5 750 @4GHz CPU is usually 38-43 degrees at very low load/idle and at the other end it hits 75 in intel burn test on maximum.

    Any ideas why I'm stuck at 2050?

    Sorry for thread necro but I figured if a similar thread already existed why make another :/
  6. you have to install a new heat sink :)
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