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removed my labtop HDD, put it into a usb case, pluged it into my new labtop to copy everything. i had to replace ownership of most of files to be able to copy it to my new computer for example "Documents and Settings folder"
now i have the HDD back to its computer but seems that windows is not able to access most of the files. i tried to replace ownership again, but the security tab does not exist at all.
please advise.

M. Nabil
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  1. Have you already went into Disk Management and intialized, formatted as a NTFS drive?
  2. If I recall correctly, some of the lower editions of Windows are missing some of the file management options. In that case, rather than trying to take ownership on your laptop, you may have to put it into your new laptop and use it to set the file permissions to "Everyone:Full Control".
  3. i had issues with ownership when i put an old drive into my win7 machine..
    under the security tab where it tells you to go, there is a small little box that comes unchecked, that neds to be checked. otherwise you only "own" the file or folder you were trying to open, not the whole drive.
    it took me a little while to get it all to work, but its there. look for the box. from what i remember, its next to small print. not right up front where you'd think it would be.
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