No sound when outputting to HDTV from PC.

Hi all, after hours of failure i've resorted to making this account.

I'm trying to connect my PC to my Samsung HDTV, but can't get audio.

I'm using Realtek HD onboard soundcard with my ALiveNF6G-VSTA motherboard and an Asus Geforce GTX 260.

Info and stuff i've already tried:

Everything is connected correctly with the correct cables (EVERYTHING!!!!!).
The onboard soundcard on my motherboard can definitely output HDMI SPDIF (
The graphics card came with a DVI to HDMI connector specifying which DVI slot to use for HDMI (i.e. including audio).
My resolution in nVidia control panel says HDMI > HDTV therefore the audio loss is definitely not due to faulty connections or a DVI signal through HDMI.
I'm running XP so i cant specify digital output only using windows.
Realteks audio manager has only the option to alter the output sampling rate of the SPDIF, it has no "enable spdif" or anything to say it is infact connected.
"Sound and audio devices" in control panel has only the Realtek HD listed as a device.
"Device control" in control panel only has altering the sampling rate as an option.
There are no audio option in nVidia control panel.
Under output in windows volume control the SPDIF control is greyed out and i can't move the slider.
I have the latest drivers and updates of absolutely everything.
I installed AC3 and enabled SPDIF there but that didn't help
I went into BIOS and there was no digital or spdif output options, only "onboard hd audio" which is enabled.
In nVidia control panel when i switch display devices from my monitor to the HDTV sound continues to be output through my pc speakers regardless, as if the graphics card is failing to switch audio channels.

A lot of info there, i tried everything i could find on the net but nothing works, HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! Cheers everyone.... or no one.
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  1. You cant output sound via DVI, you will need to run a separate cable from the motherboard to the HDTV to carry the audio.

    Last i knew nVidia cards could not send sound via HDMI, ATI cards can only do it using their integrated HDMI port, you cannot convert DVI to HDMI and have it carry sound, there are no pins in the DVI cable that permit that.

    Under specifications it says HDMI is possible via an adapter and audio input for HDMI is possible via SPDIF. My card came with an HDMI adapter and an SPDIF cable. It is definitely possible.
  3. Did you run the SPDIF cable to your HDTV?
  4. It runs from the sound card to the graphics card, and is then output through a dvi slot, then an adapter to hdmi.

    "Output options are the same trio of two DVI and an analogue output that nearly all high-end cards have nowadays. The former can carry a digital audio signal for use with an HDMI-to-DVI converter"
  5. same problem do you have to buy seperate sound card
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