Overclocking i7 950 Gigabyte GA - X58 USB3

Hi all,

I have just successfully overclocked my i7 950 Gigabyte GA - X58 USB3 from 3.1Ghz to 4.2Ghz. I'm proud of that if I may say so lol, its my first attempt.

To do this I was using a guide I found on the net, even though I don't have this exact same setup as in the guide, I was still using it as a reference:

I don't expect anyone to d/l the guide only do so at your own will.

To test the stability of the overclock I used a program called SP2004 and ran it on all 4 cores and let it run for over ten minutes and the CPU temps never went above 71 degrees celsius. Also I have my Corsair CPU cooler on medium setting so can still go higher if I needs be.

Settings I changed to get my 4.2Ghz overclock:
(original state left number, changed state right number)

CPU Clock ratio: 23 - 21
QPI clock ratio: 4.8 - 7.2 (x36)
Uncore clock ratio: x13
Bclock frequency: 133 - 200
System memory multiplyer: 8.0 - 6.0
CPU Vcore: 1.625 - 1.4000
QPI/Vtt voltage: 1.175 - 1.515

Using a Corsair H80 Cooler.

Anyways to the questions I have. The author of the guide suggested to lower the sys mem multiplyer because he then could use a better process of elimination if the computer fails to boot, which it doesn't, if I use the settings as I have above. Now, is the sys mem multiplyer essentially the speed that the sys mem is runing at? At 6.0(1200) its a little slow currently right? So how would I get it back to normal or even higher? Because now if I try to raise it any higher the com fails to boot. Would this be to not enough voltage? if so then what setting should I change to remedy this?

My next question is, do you guys think I could overclock any higher? If I can, Should I raise the CPU clock ratio a little more or raise the Bclock frequency more? Please leave me any tips or advice, as I'm still learning here and appreciate any feedback.

Cheers in advance! :D
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  1. What memory do you have?

    BLCK frequency x Mem Multi = memory frequency (speed) so in your case 200 x 6 =1200Mhz

    The next step up would be an 8 x multi so 200 x 8 = 1600Mhz, your RAM may not be able to run at 1600Mhz. Or perhaps you dont have the correct memory timings or voltage values, or you may need more QPI/VTT voltage.

    Did you stability test your overclock for more than 10 minutes? I'd recommend running prime95 for atleast 8 hours.
  2. Hi mate,

    Sorry to take so long to reply, the memory I have is 6gb of Kingston KVR, and I'm taking an educated guess that it can only run @ 1333 (as indicated by a number written on it: KVR1333D3N9/2G), so a MEM multi of x8 won't work, right?

    Now if I wan't to overclock the CPU more, how should I go about it, Up the BCLK more or the CPU clock more, and if I do, suggest roughly what voltages I should apply? Also the CPU clock has a limit of x24. If possible could you explain in a nutshell what the BCLK is and how its related to the CPU clock?

    Lastly, is it worth it to overclock the PCI ports?

    Big cheers for your help mate :D
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