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Hey Guys,
I have been recommending Intel Mobos to my friends since last 6 years or so. Out of 6 mobos that were purchased only one still works and rest went boom soon after their warranty expired :pfff: . Also my own Intel mobo went bad while in warranty and I had to get it replaced, which they did promptly, but guess what - they sent me a rusted mobo which loooks like refurbished to me :( .

My query is - Is it normal for a Mobo to expire in say 4 or 5 years? What is your impression of Intel mobo Quality and which brand do you trust?

Please let me know your thoughts. These purchases were made in India by the way.
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  1. It is not normal for a Mobo to expire in 5 years. I have mobos working for more than 13 years without a single problem.
    Anyway, the best reputation of the INTEL mobo is its stability and fiability. They are not full of features but they perform very well. You are the first one that tells me such a thing.
    In this point, in my opinion, the best mobo brands are ASUS (the best since more than 10 years), EVGA and GIGABYTE. Until a few years ago there was another fantastic mobo manufacturer called ABIT, but it went bankrupt.
  2. Stability was the main factor for which opted for Intel mobos but it's really hard to explain it to my good friends among whom my reputation has been dented a little :)
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