Major mystery PC problems,can anyone give advice towards this issue?

Hey guys, I am at my wits end and running out of ideas and places to ask for advice. for a while my PC will go on when I press the power on switch but it wont come on, the dvd rom just makes noises like its moving back and forth repeatedly and the pc wont come on until I keep bashing the case over and over again. I stripped it right down and rebuilt it last night and this is still happening. Once its had a few bashes the keyboard lights come on and then windows starts then it will sometimes finish loading or freeze again until I give the tower a bash.

I am really at my wits end trying to figure out what s happening, I have installed windows on three dfferent hard drives and it keeps happening I have also checked all the wires are connected. The fans and lights are working inside but it the dvd rom just keeps making that noise. I know its not the dvd rom that is causing the problem as i disconnected it and it still happened, the dvd rom is making that noise BECAUSE of the problem. If it wasnt for the dvd rom making that noise it would just appear that the screen isnt on but the pc is. Bashing the tower is what rectifies it,sometimes many bashes sometimes only two.

Please is anyone can help me figure out why this happening I'll be eternally grateful I dont like that I cant figure ths out without help but I just need to ask you pros out there!

Thanks for all your help!!

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  1. I'd suggest following the sticky in the homebuilt section for boot problems and possible even building it outside the case (breadboarding). These steps will help you isolate which component is causing problems.
  2. Thanks I'll head there now and see what's posted, maybe get some ideas as to what can be wrong. Just this morning it would not go on for ages I bashed away for a while and had to give up as the CPU heats up and the CPU fan is only trickling along, as soon as the PC fires up the CPU fan comes on full speed as it is a smart fan set up it knows that the temperature is too high. I have been putting off getting a bigger tower for a long time and this morning bought the HAF 932 from Cooler Master and will do what you suggest, with the breadboarding as I am rebuilding it into the new case when it comes.

    Can I just say that I have got this to work by applying pressure to certain parts of my motherboard and today it was the creative X-Fi Xtrememusic sound card which I applied pressure to that seemed to get the computer firing up. I don't know why though. Are there any diagnostic tools/software which can be run from the OS to perhaps determine problems with hardware? I had a good look through PC wizard but I never saw anything.

    Thanks for your input on this, appreciated.
  3. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    The sticky links to my breadboarding thread:
    where I use a paragraph to explain how to build and test a PC in stages for troubleshooting.
  4. Thanks very much for that jsc, this is in a nutshell exactly what I need!


  5. Thanks jsc. I was hoping you would post your links.
  6. Hi guys thanks for your help. I bought a new case and installed everything into it from the old case, I never had the space to perform the breadboard method and I wanted to do this but I just had to swap everything over and try that. I have discovered that my motherboard gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 has two PCI slots, and I have a creative Xfi Xtrememusic card in the bottom slot. I removed the card and the PC booted every time, without this problem.

    As soon as this card is installed to either slots I am getting this boot up problem, if I press on the card sometimes the computer boots but not all the time. So its either the card, the motherboard, or bios settings or drivers? I'm trying all these things out but I am struggling with this, I've been on it for 5 hours straight.

    Any advice with regards to the PCI problem is much appreciated.


  7. The reason why breadboarding is often a better idea than buying/trying a new case is so you don't have to go through the hassle of reinstalling the motherboard only to find out that you still have the problem.

    Your last post suggests that you are experiencing a short, either by component or case. The best thing to do right now is to just breadboard your system on any non-conductive surface (cardboard, phonebook, wood, etc.).
  8. I always breadboard a new build. I want to be certain that the parts work before I install them in a case.
  9. Hey guys, I do appreciate your help and you are right, I should have held back until I had the opportunity to breadboard. I just don't have the time, I need the PC for university, its the last two weeks of the year so time is not something I have, I wish I did.

    It is definitely the creative sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme music sound card. I have booted up perfectly every time without in and the power cycling or whatever is happening happens every time when the card is in the PCI slot.

    I updated the BIOS to latest and installed all the latest drivers for the motherboard, which I think were the latest anyway.

    With this sound card, if it IS causing a short, why do you think it is shorting. I attached a speaker to the motherboard for errors, and the speaker does nothing, no beeps. I really need this sound card as I have the I/O drive hooked up to the front and connected to the X-Fi card so I can have an optical in from my PS3.

    So just say that I had breadboarded this new build and I was still getting trouble with this sound card installed, what would you guys do?

    Many, many thanks again.

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