Lost PC>HDMI>TV video, both screens IDENTIFY as 1

I'm running an ASUS M2A-VM HDMI mobo with the HDMI connected to Onkyo HTR and then out to the HDTV via component. PC sound is connected via S/PDIF to the Onkyo. All was working perfectly UNTIL I took an action on the PC/XP end of the equation. Now the video's broken. Nothing at all changed in the wiring, the Onkyo, or the TV.

What I did was choose a different resolution in a game to try to correct an overscan situation cutting off the game menu at the bottom of the TV.

On the PC's 19" CRT I play the game at 1024x768, so I checked 1280x720 in the game - same cut-off at the bottom. Going into 1600x1200 in the game produced a TV picture way zoomed in to about maybe a quarter of the PC screen! Next I tried 800x600 and the TV screen went totally blank. So then, back to 1024. STILL BLANK on TV.

The last time I had a blank TV screen, months ago, the only cure I could find was an XP System Restore. This time System Restore didn't help. Nor did loading my pre-saved ATI Catalyst dual-monitor config file. Here's an odd thing that may/should be a clue. In XP's Display Properties/Settings I see both the CRT at 1152 and the TV at 1680, and when 2 (the TV) is selected the Extend My Windows Desktop onto this monitor is checked off. All good so far. But then, with the TV still selected, clicking Identify brings up a BIG number 1, same as when Identifying the CRT. I remember before, when everything worked, the TV (2) was identified correctly as 2.

Any idea what's going on, what to do?
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    Have you tried connecting each display solo, one-by-one, to your computer? Maybe one of our displays have conked out.
  2. Thanks for the idea. As soon as I recover from a recent back injury and can get at the back of the CRT and the PC - probably just a few more days - I will try your experiment. Right now I can say this: the CRT, as always, is working fine; the TV is working fine for regular cable TV and DVDs. I've never had *just* the TV hooked to the computer.
  3. r_manic said:
    Have you tried connecting each display solo, one-by-one, to your computer? Maybe one of our displays have conked out.

    I still cannot do this, my back is really bad. But, I upgraded my Catalyst and drivers to the latest available. Now, in the CCC, I've gotten it to recognize my Hitachi TV as a second display, as you can see in this snap. Right-click Identify still brings up a big "1" though, same as the CRT. I'm guessing that needs a fix. Also, from what I can tell I want the CRT>TV to be in "Clone" mode. In the snap is a bit from ATI's Catalyst HDTV_Setup_Guide.pdf about Clone mode. I really don't understand instructions 2 and 3.

  4. A happy-for-the moment update. I still cannot do anything on the hardware end - getting an MRI this week. BUT, it's definitely something in the overall system/software package. I know this because it started working again after I disabled a few startup items. Number 1 suspect, Logitech Setpoint (bluetooth). It worked for a couple of days. Then, with no other hard or soft changes, it went blank again for another couple of days. Then, again with no other hard or soft changes, it came on again, but ONLY my wallpaper. After a day of that I thought to reload my saved 'working' Catalyst profile, and now I have the full boat again. :pt1cable:
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