Sound problem

I have sonic focus drivers on my asus p5e mobo that comes with a soundcard.

the sound is great and all, but when i open an application that uses sound, my music stops emitting sound (winamp).
this wasn't a problem before when i played games, but now with the new Teamspeak 3, i hear no sound from my winamp when my TS3 is open.

anyone can help?
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  1. maybe u shuld uninstall all the programs or system resore, to the point wehre the sound card was working fine.

    then you could try installing programs 1 by 1 and check teh sound card each time, u should find out what the problem at some point
  2. its been there since the beginning.
  3. eh???

    but u sed it sounded great and all

    get to teh point where the sound sounded great.
  4. You should update your sound card drivers
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