Will my upgrade be noticable?

I have windows 7 32 bit and 4 gigs of ram, but i will soon upgrade to windows 7 64bit and 6gb if ram, now i have 8gb but i dont have any more slots lol. So will i see some performance difference in having 2 more gb of ram and 64 bit OS?
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  1. yes, you will see some extra performance. in my opinion, 6 gigs is the perfect amount, as 4 gigs is sometimes stretched, and 8 is overkill. probably 3-10% increase in fps.
  2. You will not see any difference between the 32bit 3.5gigs of ram and the 64bit 6gigs when it comes to gaming. SEE THIS article: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/memory-module-upgrade,2264-3.html

    However if you use apps (Photo editing example) that can utilize the additional memory then you will see performance increase.
  3. I would not expect to see any substantial gains. There may be some technical differences, but overall I wouldn't expect to see anything huge unless you tend to multitask quite a bit.
  4. great article thxxx ALOT, so its aplications like photoshop that actually use alot of ram not games
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