PSU for 5870 Crossfire

Hello, I have the following setup:

Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS5
Intel Core 2 Q9550@stock
2 x ATi 5870 in Crossfire
2 x OCZ 60GB Summit in RAID0
Corsair HX620W

Will the PSU be enough for this setup or so I have to upgrade it?
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  1. From what I read you should be ok with that set up. If I understand the article: (,2422-20.html) correctly the PC that they they tested drew a max of 561W under load, its CPU is also OC @4.0ghz and probably draws more power than yours.

    Checking Newegg: ( they also recommend at least 600w for crossfire.

    I think you may be pressing your luck but from the data I've seen you *should* be able to run both cards. I'm not really the biggest hardware guru though, I'd get a 2nd opinion.
  2. Yeah, I'm probably playing on edge here but I guess I will find out soon enough if it's not enough. :)

    Thanks for your input.
  3. It would work fine.
  4. mmmm...
    i wouldn't think it would work for a 5870 xfire.

    1st, the 5870xfire would require a minimum of 600w psu, you are just 20w over the minimum requirement. I might say that your power from the PSU does get distributed all around your pc for the other peripherals to work....the motherboard, the cpu, the hdd, the optical drives, fans, etc. Just having 20W above is really pushing hard on the limits.

    2. The Corsair HX620 has 2X PCIE 6+2 power connectors.

    You would need 4X PCIE 6pin power connectors to run a Xfire of 5870. (2 connectors per card)

    I would suggest getting a Seasonic M12D 750W psu.

    Unless you might wanna wait and check out 5870X2
  5. People told me my gtx 260 sli wouldn't work on my 500w. Surprisingly its been lasting over a year. Not to mention my rig is overclocked as well.
  6. Yes it would work, but to close for my comfort. As sid pointed out you lack enough PCIe plugs. You can use adapters, but your cutting it pretty close. I to would look for one with enough plugs and more like 750-800W.
  7. 2x5870s use more power than a GTX295.

    The minimum recommended PSU for a 295 is a 650watt by Corsair.

    So you really should get a new PSU (good 700+ watt PSU) can probably run it on a 620watt, but at full load you risk damaging your components.
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