Gtx 560 non-ti

hey guys howz it goin
i've got a asus gtx 560 dcII oc and i oc'ed it even ironic
anyway, on afterburner, i increase the voltage to 1087mv and the core clock to 980mhz and the shader clock to 1960mhz. i'm just wondering, wad do you guys think i can overclock my memory clock to and keep it stable? cause rite now, it on 2200mhz, but somehow i think i can reach higher with the voltage boost. thanks in advanced! ^^
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  1. Every card is different. You can only find out by trying.
  2. But what do you think is the highest for a generic card...cause in that case i can probably reach higher than that on this card
  3. No idea. As I told you, just try.
  4. so tell me...what is the first sign should i watch out for if the card is unstable?
  5. Screen might flicker. Colors might be wrong. Anything that LOOKS bad.
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