Computer won't boot

Can anyone offer any advice before I take a sledgehammer to it?

The specs:
MSI p965 platinum MB
Core 2 Duo 6400
8800 GTS 640mb
6gb ram

I turn on the computer and it doesn't boot. It gives 2 short beeps, then 8 slightly longer beeps. Monitor screen remains blank.
The PSU fan, cpu fan and gfx fan all start up and continue to rotate with nothing happening.

So far, I have:

Checked all leads and in place
Removed all 4 sticks of ram, cleaned them and the slots, tried booting in every different combination of 1 - 4 sticks with each slot.
Removed, cleaned and reseated the graphics card
Removed cmos battery
Swapped the jumpers temporarily to reset the bios

If I have no RAM installed, I do not get the beeps (but still no boot and blank screen)
If I remove the graphics card, I still get the beeps.

Googling has suggested that these beeps may be due to ram or graphics. My 4 sticks of RAM are of 2 different brands, but neither seem to work.
The computer was working fine yesterday when I shut it down as normal.
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  1. Sounds like you have tried a bit already, but check and see if there is anything on the boot problems sticky in the homebuilt section that you have not tried. You have unplugged all drives before testing, right?
  2. What are the two different kits of RAM? It really sounds like a RAM issue.

    Make sure the PCIe power connector is plugged into the video card.
  3. Thanks for the replies...

    I swapped in my friends 5750 today and the thing worked, so it was the video card that gave up the ghost.

    Would there be any particular reason why it should just break? I do remember now that I got quite frequent crashes during gaming over the last month.

    Would a new video card be at risk from getting damaged?
  4. Video cards usually cause a beep code when the PCIe connector isn't plugged in. It may be worth a shot to put your 8800 back in to double check.

    If it's dead, you can replace it with no problem.
  5. Yeah defintely made sure it wasn't working, as when the PCIe lead wasn't plugged in the PC made an Unholy ear-piercing beep and turned itself off.

    Oh well, just ordered a Radeon 1GB 5750 :)
  6. That should be a nice upgrade. Enjoy!
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