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Hi Guys,

I have a new computer build @

and I have multiple questions:

1. Is the power supply good enough to run all the components?

2. In the Case that I have on the list, which is COOLER MASTER Elite RC-310-BWN1-GP, it says it comes with one fan. But it cliams that there is a side vent where you can put the fan and also a front fan vent. Can you guys tell me how large each of those fan vents are, so I know which fans to get?


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  1. Just going to say for the set up it looks like your going for you might be better off with the new i5, then you wouldn't have to cheap out on the rest of the components with a top notch processor.

    but questions:

    1. 630W will do fine, but personally I have trouble using anything but a Corsair PSU, why? Because "most" other PSU's fail commonly and RMAing them sucks.

    2. Pretty sure its a 120MM, but again I would highly recommend going i5 so you can get a case that will offer better ventilation and airflow without adding 3+ fans. There are plenty of good cases around 50-60$.

    So in Conclusion I'll just give you a glimpse of a example build with i5 750 in place of i7 920.

    CPU: i5 750 2.66GHZ
    PSU:OCZ Stealth 700w
    Motherboard:Intel P55 Micro
    RAM:Patriot Sector 5, 4GB (2x2GB) 1333mhz, 7-7-7-7-20
    Case:Coolermaster 922 HAF Mid tower

    Your Total:$850.37
    My Total: $782.38

    So you can see there is still even room to expand maybe go for a nicer non Micro Motherboard like this: MSI GD65 P55

    Or possibly one of the other boards with more then 1 16x PCI at a lower price its all good.
  2. Thanks, but does the i5 2.66 ghz have the same performance per clock as the core i7 920?
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    well not the i5 750 but the i7 860 pretty much does... what is your budget???

    1. I would suggest you scrap your case choice and the fan and go with the antec 300

    2. In regards to your psu, I bought the Tuniq Potency 650w.. seems like ppl have been having problems with the rebate, but I got mine :/ Your choice really, but spending a little more for a good psu is not a bad idea. I agree with Evockzi, psu is important :]

    3. Hard drive wise, i'd recommend a western digital black edition, 5yr warranty!:

    Hope that helps!


    Oh ya! If you can, get an ATI 4870, they're usually around the same price as the 4850 you picked out :/
  4. well, as you may have noticed, i like cases with a small side window, it makes it look sexy lol :)

    So are there any cases that offer good verntilation, yet having a side window? :o
  5. Ok i did switch to the i5
  6. uhhhhh... i suppose the sexiness factor is true, but if you have led fans it gets annoying after awhile TRUST. Those nites where you need to leave your comp on will go alot more smoothly without the glow from the side window. At this point, even my razer copperhead is too bright at night :/ I would recommend a focus more on cooling, but then again if aesthetic appeal is important to you, go with your first choice :] The only decent cases I saw with side windows were alot more dineros, so i'm gonna stick recommendation of the antec 300.


    *edit* or maybe something like this?
  7. Ok, thank you for the suggestions.. im 13 and now ill have to work on convincing my parents to buy it for christmas & bday, lolz
  8. haha I see. ya its tough being that young and asking for a build... I had to use my saved up bday monies and pay for half of mine when I built my first system. BUT you can always say that atleast it'll be cheaper than buying a laptop, and it'll last alot longer :D Goodluck!

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