Dell optiplex gx280 motherboard

Hi guys,newbie here,i have the optiplex gx 280 and just wondered if this processor would fit?

Manufacturer Part: SL7Z9
Brand: Intel
Model: Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz
Clock Speed: 3 GHz
L2 Cache Size: 2 MB
Socket Type: Socket LGA775
Product ID: EPID60712900

Im just wanting a cheap way to upgrade and make it run faster/smoother,i have 2gb ram installed but a standard 160w psu.

Thanks in advance-Jay.
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  1. There are both socket 478 and socket 775 gx280s. You need to figure out what kind you have, easiest way is to open the box and check.
  2. Im sure mine is socket 775,if so,i presume my mobo would be able to run this?
  3. Not sure which P4 you want, check this out:
  4. Thanks for that festerovic,i'm a complete computer retard so it made hardly any sense to me at all-i take it my mobo could take any of the cpu's in the list on the left hand side?The one i mentioned above is on ebay at the moment and just wanted to know if it would fit as i cant spend too much money(christmas!)
    I have bookmarked that page to try and figure it out later though!
    Thanks again-Jay.
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