Computer Freezes During Game Play

ASRock 939 Dual Sata MOBO
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400
4 Gigs RAM (OCZ)
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 3850 (AGP)
OZC Stealth Stream PSU (600w)

Hello all. Recently I upgraded my budget gaming rig from a single core cpu (AMD Athlon 64 4000) to a dual core (AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400). Before I did this upgrade I had no problems at all playing Aion, Secondlife and COD2. But after the upgrade, I get anywhere between 10-45 mins of game play, then my screen freezes and I have to hit the reset button to restart my PC. At first I thought it was my graphics card over heating but I ruled that out by monitoring it and it only runs at 49c-52c under full load. So I reinstalled all the drivers and rebooted and tried to play again..but with the same outcome.

I checked and made sure I had the latest bios for the mobo and I do (P2.30), although I did see an older one that is supposed to have support for the exact processor that I upgraded to, but its an older bios (1.30). I also ran memtest on my RAM and monitored my core temps (only 33c-40c under full load) on both cores. So I'm really stumped as what the problem could be. I've googled until my eyes bled and still haven't found a solution. I'm sure I have enough power to run my system because the wattage on the previous cpu and the new one only varied by .2v. Any help or insight to what the problem could be, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I also noticed that when I was looking at the bios...when I have the old cpu installed (Athlon 64), my RAM was in dual channel mode. But when I installed the Athlon 64 x2, my RAM was in single channel mode. Could this be the possible issue as to why I'm having these issues. Or is it just simply a bios problem?
  2. No ideas?
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