I5 2500k temps?

Hi all.

I have a i5 2500k for about 3-4 months. Now i have the stock cooler on it and it is not overclocked.

When i built the machine the max temps i was getting from the cpu was 54c at full load for 5 hours using prime 95 but the past week i noticed the temps where rising, when i am playing games it hits 63c (bf3)

I prime 95 it again and the temp go to 71c after 3 minutes and then i stopped the test in fear of frying the cpu.

I checked the heatsink and it is firmly in place and all 4 pins are locked down properly and i cannot understand why the temps have suddenly changed.

I have the fan on 100% and nothing has changed in the system or temp in the room the pc is in.

Can anyone shed any light

btw i know the stock cooler isnt great but because of the memory i have it is hard to find an aftermarket cooler that will fit but the stock fan and heatsink was doing the job just fine till this last week.


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  1. I take it you aren't aware of any major changes in those 3-4 months? Has dust built up or have you changed any of the fan settings in BIOS?
  2. Have your PC clean, it's been 3 months and dust has accumulated there. A CoolerMaster V6 fits right even on standard ddr3 mems.
  3. 1. Dust buildup (check under the fans of the cpu cooler)
    2. has your room temperature gone up?
  4. Sorted now thanks for the replys.

    The stock coolers thermal paste has dried up to such a point it was not working correctly but now changed to a corsair h60 and getting excellent temps..

    thanks again

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