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AMD Athlon II X4 Overclocking question.

I'm trying to increase performance in Battlefield 3 and I feel I am cpu bottlenecked.
I have GTX 460 SLI and the cpu is holding me back.

Will Overclocking my CPU from 3.4Ghz stock voltage overclock to anything higher make a noticeable difference?
Also will buying a phenom II x4 955 be much better or would an i5 2500k be a better choice? I feel I am stuck on this one game because any cpu upgrade would cost hundreds for little performance so I might as well try to overclock higher.
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    Yes definately.

    Overclocking will help give you increased FPS for BF3 as it is quite CPU hungry.

    Although make sure you have a very good cpu cooler - and do not let the CPU go above 60-65C - it can go that high, but the higher the temp of the CPU - the lower the life expectancy of it. Also depending on your cooling set up - I wouldn't try going more than a few hundred Mhz.
  2. @Chainzsaw
    I can't get it past 3.45Ghz. I've tried increasing voltage to 1.45v and it boots into the os at 3.6Ghz but cant run prime95 or linx without failing.

    even at 3.45Ghz it gets pretty hot.

    It's weird because with BF3 I used to be able to run it with all low settings and get nothing below 60. Now I have twice the gpu power and the newer patch they released makes it so it still drops into 40s and 50s on all low.
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