Computer no longer recognizing proper drive for USB memory stick

Usually, when i plug in my USB memory stick, it recognizes it as the G: drive. Now it no longer opens automatically and when i try to open it under "computer" the F: drive pops up. When i try to open the F: drive, it says "please insert removable disk (F)". every time i plug my usb stick into my computer, regardless of the usb port i use, it says the same message (F: drive). what can i do? my dissertation work is on this memory stick and I absolutely NEED these data. Please help. Thanks in advance
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  1. Trying to diagnose this error, I suggest you use Event Viewer to check the system error messages.

    If you pull all your inactive USB device, wait a minute or two and put them back in, it must generate new errors (if you do not have to drive thousands of messages).

    Then, the Event Viewer is available in Start> Control Panel> Administrative Event Viewer. "It will probably be in the system log.

    I say that sounds more like a hardware problem to me. The last time I had this problem, it was a bad USB driver.

    Make all your USB ports does not work, or simply one that is causing these problems?
  2. Try inserting your memory stick then go to device manager and look for any USB device with a yellow pling against it or simply delete all USB devices, remove the memory stick restart computer and then reinsert memory stick it should now work if the cause of the problem was a faulty driver.
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