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So old hard drive died... Or so I thought.... And bought a new Samsung 1 TB drive and a Corsair Force f115 SSD....
I turned AHCI on and TRIM for the SSD but, sense my previous drive seems to be okay (I suppose) (WD 500GB HD) Can I raid my two mechanical drives and keep my SSD in TRIM? Was informed that the SSD couldnt be in TRIM if in raid but if that drive isn't in the raid configuration only my mechanical's can I do it?


EDIT: Obviously my OS is on the SSD will I need to be reformatting the 2 mechanical drives at all? (Yes this is my first time doing a raid feel so far behind the times considering all the other things I've done lol)
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    First off, yes, you lose TRIM support for the SSD if you include it in a RAID configuration, but no, you don't lose it just because you have other drives in RAID. So you don't have to worry about that.

    As to the idea of putting your 1TB Samsung and 500GB WD into RAID 0 - I think it's a very bad idea. If either drive in a RAID 0 volume fails, you lose EVERYTHING on the volume. Not half the files. Everything. That's because half of each file is on each drive, and so is half of the file system. You have already had one scare with this 500GB drive - I would think that depending on it not to fail is not a good idea.

    I suggest you use the 500GB and 1TB as separate volumes, and copy files between them.

    BTW: in some (most?) RAID controllers, two drives in a RAID 0 configuration have to be the same size, or you can only use the size of the smaller of the two drives.
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  3. Awesome thanks, I was debating that fact as well maybe down the road if I really am concerned with the speed of the mechanical's Ill just buy another 1TB and go for it but as you said sense this current drive is having issues I may just not chance it.
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