Hi. I need help. I am trying to run a DVI to hdmi from my computer (Gateway GT5662) to my monitor (HP w2207h). When I connect, the monitor flashes. I can see the desktop when it flashes, but it will not stop. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
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  1. is it DVI from tower to HDMI in monitor?

    and what gfx card do u have?

    how old are both?
  2. It is DVI from tower to HDMI on monitor. I bought the computer about a year ago new. I have no idea what graphics card is in it. Whatever was in it when I bought it.
  3. try fiddling with the resolution/refresh rate
  4. uh_no said:
    try fiddling with the resolution/refresh rate

    How do you adjust the resolution/refresh rate?
  5. depending on your ops system but normally via right clicking desktop, personalize, video/graphics card options or something like that will appear. normally under advance options it will show a mini pic of the screen and you choose resolution and refresh rate. you want 60hz ideally
  6. The default was at 75hz, I changed it to 60hz and it is still the same.
  7. did it work before? what cable did you use?
  8. This is the 1st time I have tried to run it this way (DVI-computer to HDMI-monitor). The only real reason I want to run it like this is because I want to run my xbox to the VGA input on the monitor. I am trying to free up my "main" tv for the family. I had heard that I could run it like that. I really don't want to switch out cables everytime I wanted to play xbox or use the computer. I just can't figure out why it won't work. I bought a phillips brand DVI to HDMI cable. Not sure if the brand matters.
  9. i get it, the thing is when you are running the dual display it thinks you are using double display ports, like one HDMI and one VGA for better quality however, it isn't matching up in terms of amount of pixels so it keeps flashing.

    this may be the problem i am not sure
  10. OK. I tried hooking up just the DVI to HDMI and it still does the same thing. Thanks for the replies, I think I am giving up on the idea :pfff:
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