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Hi all,

Its been about 3 years or so since I got my laptop, and well things are starting to run kind of slow. Processor is hitting up to about 30% on idle, which isnt normal. I'm assuming I probably have a whole bunch of junk built up on it, and its probably a good idea for me to reinstall my OS. Question is, how? I have all my recovery disks and everything, but how would I uninstall my whole OS? And once that is done, do I just put the discs in? Or...
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  1. So wait, I just insert the recovery disk, shut down my computer, and wait for the key click prompt? Thats all I really extracted from that :/
  2. This is if you have a windows 7 reinstall disc!
  3. I only have my recovery discs :/ When I got the computer, it was already pre-formatted with windows 7, I just had to install it o_o. As in click all the next buttons and set time zones and stuff... lol.
  4. Cool great job!
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