New Spinning Sata HDD not seen by BIOS or VISTA OS Installation

Ok... I am having a problem getting my bios and vista os to see my sata hdd. I was thinking it was due to a faulty sata drive but I got a new one and still the same problem it is not showing up on my bios or vista install options to format and install on it... nothing shows up. I then thought maybe it was the ports but I have switched cables and my sata blue ray drive runs perfectly and shows up in bios right away. I guess I just don't know what to do.

Here are my system stats:

2gb Ram ddr3
Intel Dp55wb Motherboard
Intel i5 2.66ghz processor
Sapphire HD 4850 Graphics Card
LG Blue Multi Drive (this is sata and shows up perfectly)
Samsung 1tb 7200rpm Sata HDD (this doesn't show up in bios but seems to spin)
Vista 64bit oem is the os I am trying to install

*I had also tried the WD Caviar 500gb Sata HD (also brand new) from best buy and it did not show up either so I took it back.

Any suggestions would help... my bios seems very limited in options as well. I changed the sata mode to achsi and also tried in ide mode... but still the bios will not see it. Please help.
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  1. try disconnecting the sata bluray drive , and see if the hdd shows in BIOS
  2. I presume you also connected the power supply to the drive, in addition to the data cable.
  3. tried both of those suggestions and neither seem to help. The drive is brand new. Hmmm... I couldn't imagine if its spinning that it could be bad itself mostly since the other one I got brand new spun as well and didn't get noticed by the bios or vista install either.
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