Bfg geforce gts 250 oc 512ram

hi ok i just bought this card a few days ago , ran fine for a day or two , then i got a blue screen (screen of death i think it is) while i was surfing web , 2nd time it happend the pc was in sleep mode , third time was after a restore . took the card out , put in my stock ati , waiting to see what happens next.

i have 500w psu ocz stealthx stream a friend gave me (brand new)

phenom 9500

vista 32 bit

3gig of ram

any ideas? so far i know its not a virus because i restored my pc.

gts 250 req 475w psu with a combined 12v current rating of 26a or more.
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  1. does the blue screen has letters ?
  2. sure does , lots of em but it goes by very quick so u don't get a chance to see much
  3. What drivers are you using?
  4. hey guys im back , it was the new drivers , installed some older ones and prob fixed!

    a friend of mine told me the current ones were unstable
  5. Thats why I asked, same thing happend to me a while back....

    Glad to know it worked out for you.......
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