How many actually use hardware virtualization

I see quite a few posters concerned about which CPU's support hardware virtualization. How many actually use hardware virtualization?
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  1. Dont use it yet, but have plan to do so under w7, only too bad that real HW virtualization is yet to come (like being able to use all HW under virtualisation).
  2. I'm not sure if a read this right but by virtualization, Did you mean software like virtual machine. If it's the case I use it everyday. It's very usefull to me because I"M an IT consultant and it's allow me to get number of sofware and different OS on the same machine. Presently I have as base OS windows 7 . But In the virtual machine I have 2 linux (unbutu and fedora), xp pro 64, vista ultimate 64 bit, and all the software I need to work. I used that only for 6 months, I don't understand why I wait so long to use it.
  3. Here's the last thread that spawned this one:
    primarily that the E5300 - and not the E5200 or the Q8200, for example - supports hardware VT.

    Now, does this mean that the Q8200 doesn't support virtual machines at all or that it just supports software vm's? And it the CPU just supports sofware vm's, what's the difference?
  4. i can vouch that an e5200 supports virtual machines, in this case, ms virtual pc.

    what i can not remember though if "hardware virtualization" was enabled.
  5. I use VMware for cross browser testing webpages.
  6. wh3resmycar said:
    i can vouch that an e5200 supports virtual machines, in this case, ms virtual pc.

    Yes, in software. So, what does hardware VT get us?
  7. From what I remember, a couple of years back hardware virtualisation was typically slower than software; I presume they've improved it by now to the point where it's worth using.
  8. In my case I do use the visualization for my windows 7 ultimate because I am running programs in XP mode..
    it does come in handle for other styles of software as well. it's a good find if you have a CPu that does support
    visualization and 64 bit...
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