Mixing memory brands with the same speed, voltage, timings, etc

After noticing how much memory prices have gone up recently (and those sold out $50 4GB OCZ sets on ZipZoomFly), I don't know if I'd be able to afford 8GB come May/June when I build my computer. I'm thinking of getting 4GB then and another 4GB maybe in a year or two. Is it advisable to mix memory brands if they have identical speeds, voltages, and timings?

I see that Metro 2033 needs 8GB of RAM for optimal performance, but I'm sure that it is an extreme case (never seen recommended settings so high). Is 8GB a waste for gaming on Windows 7? Would 4GB be enough? I never reach 2GB in this old Windows XP 32-bit system.
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  1. Well sticking with the same brand is ideal but you can mix as long as they are same voltage and timings. 4GB is more then enough ram for gaming 8GB is a big waste IMO for gaming you will never need that much for gaming.

    Windows XP was not the best at managing memory and it being 32 bit can only use up to 4GB. Windows Vista and Windows 7 uses up more memory then xp to run thats why you see all new computers with at least 4 GBs. When you get windows 7 make sure you get 64bit to utilize all your memory.
  2. Thanks.

    I already have the Windows 7 discs, both 64 and 32--got a huge discount as a student.

    Does anyone else have an opinion?
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