Using this guide

The cords are as follows(when looking at the side with the text) :

HDD LED - Red on left Black on right[Straight Cord]
POWER LED - Green on left Black on right[Straight Cord]
POWER SW - Green on left Black on right[Spun Cord]
RESET SW - Blue on left White on right[Spun Cord]

Do they get plugged in The way they are currently plugged in? Which is black/white on right. Does it even matter which way they are plugged in?

Bonus Info : Motherboard - Motherboard Manual
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    Switches do not matter. Plug them in however you like.

    LEDs do. Black is negative and thus should be on right.
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  3. And just a quick add on note, if you had gotten it wrong, nothing bad would happen, they just would not work.
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