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I'm considering using an SSd for a boot drive like so many others. In shopping for them I've noticed that most don't come with any sort of mounting device or suggestions. I realize there are brackets available to mount them in standard 3.5 & 5.25 slots but that seems like a waste of space to me and I'm wondering what others have done. I suppose you can just hook up the cables and stuff the device in a vacant corner but that's not very elegant so how are you all doing this?
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  1. I have replaced a single internal bay with a tray that will take two 2.5" drives. That's about as efficient use of space as I can think of, unless you glue the drive to the side panel (grin). http://kingwin.com/products/cate/mobile/racks/kf_251_bk.asp

    The odd thing about how I use this is that these are usually mounted in an external-facing bay, so that the drives can be easily inserted or removed. I have two of these for 3.5" drives, but I put the 2.5" drive rack in an internal bay because I don't want it to be easy to remove my boot drive by mistake!
  2. I'm using the bracket and one of my 3.5" drive bays. If you're not using all your drive bays that's the thing to do. If you need the bay for something else later on you can always decide then what you want to do with the SSD.

    You definitely don't want that metal case rattling around loose inside your system box where it could potentially short something out.
  3. I purchased this Silverstone adapter that can accomodate two ssd's:


    The adapter came with a plastic bag containing a lot of screws in two different sizes.

    I have seen users comment that they did not bother to mount ssd's in their cases or they used tape to secure their ssd's. Never gave it much thought but I think sminlal is correct.
  4. I was looking for a picture of my other 2.5" to 3.5" adapter, but I can't find it. I have a 2.5" Velociraptor, and it makes a lot of noise. It's in a bay adapter that used elastic bands to hold the drive suspended, not touching any metal. It looks strange as all get-out, but it did damp the noise.
  5. I went really cheap.

    I got a Bytec 3.5" drive bay adapter that holds 2 2.5" drives, and I think it was $5.

    Like they said, if you have an open bay, whats the problem.

    Some (newer) case have holes in the bottom to mount an SSD. That's what I did, with my 3rd SSD used as a cache drive.

    I used to put my SSDs in a Dual Mobile rack, much like WyomingKnott mentions (not giving much thougth about accidently removing a drive, oops), as I had 2 SSD in RAID 0.

    However, I fried 2 of them with my new sysetm build! THey couldn't handle 2 SATA 3 SSD in RAID 0. One of the ports would fail/fry after OS install. So no more docking bays!

    Let me go find my bay adapter...no longer n Microcenter.com.
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