SSD compatible G1 assassin motherboard

Hi have G1 assassin motherboard, it says it has SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) heres link:, i have been told that i cant have ssd agilitly something,

so is that mean i cant buy any ssd hard drive jus specific one?
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  1. You can use any ssd you want with your motherboard.
  2. You are running a Marvell 9182 controller that utilizes bandwidth of your PCIe. It will run any SSD but what I think people are telling you is not to buy the Agility 3. It uses ASync NAND which doesn't perform well. In addition, the Sandforce 22xx drives have been very "buggy" with random BSOD. I would recommend going with the Crucial m4 128 GB drive... IMO
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