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I have recently assembled a system with Gigabyte GA-A75-D3H motherboard supporting USB 3.0, AMD APU A6 3650 2.6 Ghz., Corsair DDR3 4GB Ram 1600 mhz, WD 1 TB Hard Disk Cavier Black SATA 6GB/s, Operating System Win XP SP2. For transferring my data to external drive I took WD My Passport Essential SE HDD USB 3.0 1 TB.

My hardware configuration fully met the requirements of using USB 3.0 for transferring data at 3x speed as claimed by Western Digital. After having loaded all the drivers required for USB 3.0 supplied by Gigabyte and Western Digital, I am not able to achieve speed of even 1.5x.

Could anybody help me. I made this new system mainly for getting higher speed for my back-ups.

Results were like this.

16 GB were the amount of data containing about 6000 files. It took about 15 minutes for copying from my internal drive to WD portable drive through USB 3.0 Port. When I tried to transfer the same files through USB 2.0 Port it took 21 minutes. I tried to copy same files on my Buffalo USB 2.0 external drive through USB 2.0 Port, it took 18 minutes.

Is the amount I have spent for USB 3.0 is of this much use? OR WD drives are not so efficient OR it is due to my operating system. Can anybody help me?
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  1. Us your sata cable sata 3 certified. If not, you should get one.
  2. The problem most likely has got to do with the fragmentation of your drives. Data located in certain sectors are easier to access than in others, hence you'll get varying seek time.
  3. The fact that USB 2.0 transfers the data in more-or-less the same amount of time tells me that your bottleneck is somewhere other than in the USB connection. USB 2.0 can transfer data at up to around 35-40MByte/sec, and 16,000MBytes transferred in 18 minutes (1080 seconds) works out to only about 14MByte/sec. So even the USB 2.0 connection isn't anywhere close to being fully utilized.

    When you transfer thousands of small files there's lots of overhead to update the file structures for every file that's transferred. That causes a lot of head movement which slows down the transfer rates. Try finding a large file to copy (or zip up your 6,000 files into one big zip file) and see how long that takes. That would be a better test of the maximum transfer rate you can get from your USB 3.0 connection given the raw speed of the drives on each end.
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