Photosmart D1360 (Wierd Issue)

Hi there,

I have a very wierd issue with my printer.

its Hp photosmart D1360, with the latest driver installed, connect via usb.

sometime when im trying to print any word document , the printer gets "mad" =]
it just insert the pages inside it and through it out with strange marks and it will never stop till you stop it .

it wrote down only one thing , "hp PCL-XL"
and again , I tried to install the driver and it didnt help.

I found out that somewhy if I just unplug the usb and plug it again it will fix this issue.
but can anyone have any idea why is this happening?

I find it very strange issue.

thanks in advance ,
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  1. There is a print buffer on the printer and the printer has its own memory. You may be overflowing the print buffer. Check to see if you have set your printer to spool documents and to start printing immediately. This will help prevent buffer overflows.
  2. Hi howard, thanks for your reply,

    I need to change it so the printer will spool the documents or start immediatly?
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