How to use a 3tb HDD with an ASUS AMD motherboard?

I have the ASUS M4A88T-M which is supported by Asus’s drive unlock software which is required to access 3tb HDD’s. Unfortunately (though maybe it doesn’t make a difference) the stupid PC has already incorrectly seen it as 746gb and therefor the asus drive unlock software cannot access it because it’ll only format hdd’s that are bigger than 2.2tb, even though it’s a 3tb HDD. I can’t use the newer Intel rapid storage technology drivers as it’s an AMD motherboard so can somebody give me a suggestion here? It doesn’t work whether I set the HDD to MBR or GPT. Iam using Windows 7 64bit.
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  1. You may need a PCI SATA card if the motherboard can't handle large drives. The 3TB WD drives I bought for my server came with a SATA card included.
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