Old hard drive, new pc?

I have a samsung spinpoint f3 1tb drive with windows 7 pro installed and activated, I want to use this drive with a new build, what are my options in regards to keeping my data? if I use this with a new mobo and cpu will I be able to retain all my data?
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    This depends on the currently installed drivers. You can try and see if windows 7 can detect and install default drivers for the new mobo and cpu. If it does, then all you data will stay in tack. This a shot in a dark to be honest. There is a possibility that it may blue screen on bootup. If it does, you may need to reinstall windows. There are some tricks you can perform if it does blue screen, but no guarantees.

    I once upgraded my desktop to a new Mobo and CPU and i got lucky in that windows 7 detected the new mobo and was able to installed new drivers, if that's any support.
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