Will SSD work with the SATA slimline connector?

I want to replace my notebook optical bay with a 2.5" SSD, but the bay uses the slimline connector.
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  1. No, it won't work. You will need a "Slimline to SATA" adapter. I think they might also be called "MicroSATA to SATA" adapters.
  2. Will there be space for an adapter? Also, does the 5V through the slimline provide enough power for an SSD?
  3. Don't know for sure if it will fit in a notebook. You'll have to Google or Bing for additional info.
  4. Suppose I have an adapter but the SSD is SATA 2 and the port is SSD 1.5. Will there be any problem? On the desktop I believe there are jumper settings but on a notebook?
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