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just bought a new Ati Radeon hd 4800series and a new power supply. the supply is on 550w so should be enough. but after i removed old drivers and installed the new one my cpu usage has popped to a crusing altitude of 30%:S any one have a clue how to get this back down?

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  1. have you checked what processes are running? it sounds like a rouge program or maybe a virus?

    did you uninstall all the drivers before installing the new card?

    the problem sounds more software based than hardware.
    what program is using the extra cpu time?
  2. Open task manager by hitting "control + alt + delete", or by hitting the windows key + R and typing "taskmgr". Select the 'processes' tab, and tell us which processor is the biggest.
  3. the prosses wich takes most cpu is svchost.exe:S .i actually have no programs running in the background(visualy) and i installed the drivers affter placing the grafics card. might be a driver conflict maby, but i did unninstal all video drivers before replacing:S how can i find if its a rogue program running?
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