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Last minute before buying a new Intel CPU I decided to make a switch to AMD(heard it is better for gaming).

I'm not a hardcore gamer, but there is one game that I play, and it is Starcraft 2.

I want to run Starcraft 2 on ULTRA settings.

I'm considering buying

My budget is up to 100$, no more.

Would this motherboard be good for gaming? Given that I buy a decent video card(not expecting miracles from on-board video)

I chose this mobo because it supports future DDR3 and up to 16Gb of RAM(upgrade from my max 4Gb mobo), etc. It seems like this mobo will serve me a long way. It also supports PCI-E 2.0, so that's an upgrade.

This is my current mobo

Is this a good choice?
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  1. Stumbled across this mobo:

    MSI 790X-G45 AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard

    This one uses newer 790X chipset (rather than Gigabyte's 785G), would it be a better choice for gaming?>
  2. I never dealth with MSI motherboards, are they any good? Is it a reputable manufacturer?

    I only dealth with Asus, Gigabyte, Intel...
  3. OK well first off AMD is good at gaming but it is not better then a Intel. An I5 will be better then any AMD on the market.

    3 questions

    1 What Processor do you have in that Intel board
    2 What AMD processor you looking at
    3 How much are you looking to spend on a processor

    For Gaming 4 GBs of ram is all you need any more then that is not needed and its overkill. The motherboard is not the determining factor in a good gaming rig yes it does help but your video card and processor are your main concern. Most modern games are very GPU dependent.
  4. Here is the situation, I can get E6420 for very cheap. You got me thinking, maybe I should just stick with my mobo and get E6420. :)
  5. I would suggest throwing a Q6600 or a Q9400 depending on what you want to spend. A good quad CPU and say a HD4850 or a HD5770 will play any game you throw at it no problem. I know everyone says the 775 is dead socket but if you already have that setup and I checked your board will support any of the core 2 quads you will have a great gaming rig.

    You can find Q6600 on ebay for around $100 or you can get A Q9400 for around $200 IMO though the Q6600 and one of those GPUS will be a dam good rig and will save you some money and should last you at least another 2 years on that setup.

    Also any CPU you do decide to upgrade to in that motherboard you can overclocl the crap out of them the Q6600 will hit atleast 3.2 to 3.6GHZ with little to no problem with a good cooler.
  6. Thanks man, you have been of great help.

  7. your welcome Good Luck
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