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hello, my 1st post here .
hoping you guys can guide me .

i have had a gateway 24in hd lcd monitor fpd2485w for a little over a year it is calibrated with the xrite pro device .
i do photography as a sideline .
i am very comfortable with what i see on the screen is very close to what i will get back from the lab ( .

a friend recently built me another pc so i looked to get an addionital monitor to match the results i get from the gateway 24in hd lcd monitor fpd2485w so i bought the gateway fhd2401 ad calibrated it with the xrite device.
comparing it to the fpd2485w side by side under the same lighting as they are only a few feet away from each other using the same image there is a significant difference .
so i thought maybe get a new version of a calibration device so i get off ebay the X-RITE EZCOLOR EYE-ONE DISPLAY 2 COLOR CALIBRATION and recalibrated it with that .
still not so good has a pinkinsh tint to the screen .

until now i was not familar with the different type panels s-ips , s-pva ,tn .
the older gateway has the faroudja video technology ,it seems like the newer monitor is more of a tv screen than a pc one ?

how can i tell if the fpd2485 is a s-ips, s-pva or tn monitor , the older one you have to be looking right into the monitor to get a good view of the images the newer one you can see the images off the side you don't have to be right in front of it to see images on the screen .

hope i explained my situation well enough and hopfully you guys can guide me .


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  1. Wait, so you were able to calibrate the second monitor properly? Or not?
  2. using the ex color eye one display 2 i was but it still has a pinkish color tint .
    i thikn it has to do with the fact it is a film based lcd panel , im looking into getting another s-ips or spva panel lcd looks like hp right now is getting alot og good reviews.
    i really like the older gateway they are no longer available only thru ebay as refurbished so im on a fence about what to do there get a new hp which is getting goof reviews or take a chance and buy a refurbished?

    thanks for the reply
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