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I currently have a NZXT Tempest case but i feel like the stock coolers that come with it aren't very good. It feels like it's not sucking air out/in that well.
I don't know the specifications of the fans.

Top ones suck air from inside the case and blow it out upwards.
Rear one blows air outside the case.
Front ones suck air in.
** Does the side fan suck air in or blow air out?

So i was planning to buy some new ones to replace one Top fan above CPU (140mm), Rear Fan (120mm), Side fan (120mm).

120mm Fans
Air Flow (CFM) :
Speed (RPM): 600-2000
Air pressure [ is this static pressure?] (mmH20): 0.75-3.53
Noise (dB-A): 13-30
Bearing Type: Barometric Ball Bearing

Air Flow (CFM) : 69.69
Speed (RPM): 2000
Air pressure (mmH20): 2.94
Noise (dB-A): 19
Bearing Type: Long Life Sleeve

Air Flow (CFM) : 90
Speed (RPM): 2000
Air pressure (mmH20): 3.04
Noise (dB-A): 19
Bearing Type: Long Life Sleeve

Air Flow (CFM) : 80.3
Speed (RPM): 1800
Air pressure (mmH20): 1.96
Noise (dB-A): 30.5
Bearing Type: Barometric Ball Bearing

It appears that #3 is the best in terms of price/performance/noise? Does anyone have suggestions or vital information to add that i may be overlooking.

140mm Fans.
Air Flow (CFM) : 86.73
Speed (RPM): 1200
Air pressure (mmH20): 1.38
Noise (dB-A): 22.8
Bearing Type: Barometric Ball Bearing

Also, if i left my case open and blasted the hardware directly with a normal air cooler (not aircon) (for house hold use, not CPU lol) would that also be effective?

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  1. The fans that you linked are ok the one that I liked the best would be the excalibur.

    Are you particular with noise and LED colors?

    If not the you can get yate loons or scythe.

    but so far the 140mm fans that I like that move a lot of air are the Akasa Viper 14cm (they just have yellow blades)
  2. Before you change fans, what are your CPU, GPU, hard drive, and motherboard temps?

    You may end up changing fans for a minimal improvement in temperatures and a substantial increase in noise.
  3. Quiet 140mm fan=best imo
    Thermalright X-Silent 140mm Fan
    Thermalright TY-140 140mm PWM Fan
    The CM 120mm R4 Sickleflows are good = have a few of those = a little pricey for sub $10 Canadian/US
    The Thermalright fans are actually cheaper in Au then in N.A.
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