All the different Kingston SSD model #'s?

I originally had a Kingston SSDNow V+100 SVP100S2B/96GR and just bought a SSDNow V+100 KR-S1296-3H. What is the difference? There are at least 4 different model numbers for 96GB Kingston SSDNow V+100 drives. Are there really any substantial differences between them?
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    The difference between the 2 models you listed is that the 1st model listed has a upgrade bundle kit that includes Acronis True Image software, mounting brackets, USB external enclosure, & cables. The 2nd model is just the drive.
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  3. Not solved - I believe asker has a typo, and meant to ask the difference between SVP100S2B/96GR and KR-S1396-3H (or SVP100S2/96G and KR-S1296-3H)

    He notes there are 4 model numbers in the 96GB V+100 range, 2 have the bundle (S2B & 1396) and 2 are drive only (S2 & 1296).

    Is there and difference between the drives?
    In the case of the bundles, are the bundles any different?
  4. OK, so maybe NOT so solved? Dereck is correct that the KR-S1296-3H is an OEM bare drive and the SVP100S2B/96GR is a retail kit with all the extra stuff. The actual product number on the KR-S1296-3H drive is SVP100S2B/96GR. They come up with the same PN's in both the BIOS and Win7. But one is made in China and the other in Japan. What might be interesting is to see if the firmware number on each drive is the same (if I only knew how?).
  5. OOOOPS!!! You're correct sir, it's a G, NOT GR. And the OEM one is from Japan while the retail kit comes from China. THANKS & sorry ...
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