X4, x8, x16 PCI Express Cards (not Video Cards)

Hi There,

I recently designed a PCI Express adapter product that adapts a standard PCI Express slot to an embedded form factor PCI express slot.

I am currently looking for PCI express cards to test with that are x4, x8 or x16 lanes that are not video cards.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a relatively inexpensive product that I can buy to test with?

The problem is that most x4 - x16 type cards (non-video) start around the $2k range.

Ie. Does anyone know of any RAID controllers, or Gigabit Ethernet cards that are x4, x8, x16 that can be found at a good price?
Or any other type of device thats x4, x8 or x16?

Any type of suggestions would be welcomed.


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  1. I dont know of anything but video cards that can saturate an 8x slot. What are you trying to check with this setup because PCI-E cards auto negotiate the fastest connection so any PCI-E card will work in any slot. A SAS RAID controller card is probably your best option if you want to try to saturate the connection without a GPU.
  2. In this setup I am just trying to confirm that I can establish a PCIe link width of anything above a x1 link, but I don't want to use a video card.
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  4. Thank you Devastator_uk!!!

    I had no idea I could find a x4 solution for under $100!!!

    I think I'll buy the dual gigabit NIC card for the x4 and the RAID controller for the x8. I havn't seen prices that good on my searches... thanks a lot!

    Also I agree and I cannot find a x16 card that's not a video card that is affordable.
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