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Hello, Everyone!
I have decided that I need to build a new computer, as my old P4 gateway is starting to show its age. For fun and a better price/performance ratio, I want to build this machine, rather that buying. I would like to jump up to i5/i7. These are the parts that I am looking at right now:

-i7 920/i5 750/i7 860
-Asrock x58 extreme/ decent p55 mobo
-6gb/4gb ram kit with decent reviews.
-gtx 260 216/hd 4870/hd 4890/hd 5770 (when released)
-750+ watt power supply with good reviews
-1tb caviar black or 1tb spinpoint f1
-haf 922/storm scout/thermaltake element g
-scythe mugen 2/tuniq tower 120 extreme
-decent dvd burner (1 or 2?)

Main uses include gaming (fsx, age of mythology, hawx, etc.), PS CS4, Distributed computing projects, transcoding video (dvd to ipod) etc. Uses vary widely.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

System info: 2.4ghz pentium 4, geforce 6200, 80gb hdd (some programs on external drive -> extremely slow), 160w psu, 2gb ram
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  1. Post it in this format:

    Post up a build and we'll see.

    A few questions:
    1. How much CS4 work and what Distributed computing software (Folding@Home,BOINC,etc?),etc?
    2. Planing to use i9s down the road?
  2. why are you comparing an i5 to an i7 920, if you have the money thats no hard decision, go for the 920, but now if you want to stick to p55 chipset,ill chose the i7 860 so i can get a better video card by saving on the Mobo, than again if you Do have the money i7 920 will favor you depending on what apps you will be running, this has been discuss many times in this forums, if you search you will find many threads with similar questions, and one last thing, NOO to the Asrock mobo, there are many, many, name brand Motherboards for around the same price with better performance.
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