Will this PSU last long enough?

Hi! :hello:

I have a 5months old Corsair 400CX power supply.

I found that 2 rails are slightly overvolted.

+5v- 6.85V

Can this cause any system instability in future?

By far my rig is running well with no hang ups...
PSU Doesn't makes any noise or doesn't gets very warm after use.

I'm worried if it will last or not?

(If you need I can post screenshots of speedfan and PC wizard showing voltage.)
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    check your voltages in bios, i have yet to find a software program that can monitor them accurately. if you have a multimeter around use that to check instead.

    Thats 37% off on the 5V rail and 7% off on the 12V rail which is pretty bad if true, but check in bios and with a DMM first. I really wish someone could make a software that can monitor the voltages properly.
  2. hunter315 said:
    I really wish someone could make a software that can monitor the voltages properly.

  3. Yep. If the software in the BIOS can monitor the PSU voltages properly, it can't be that hard.
  4. Bios voltages:
    +12V- 12.682V

    But it doesn't shows +5V Rail reading. :(

    Any suggestions?
    Its a Corsair...I don't expect it to blow at least...

    CPU-C2D E7300 at stock
    Vcore - 1.184V

    DDR2 - 1.824V
  5. Much better, down to under 1% on the 3.3V rail, and only a bit over 5% on the 12V rail. 5% isnt great but its not too bad either.

    Happen to know anyone who would have a digital multimeter so that you can accurately check the 5V and 12V rails? Bios is fairly accurate but a DMM is totally accurate. If it happens to be more than about 5.3V or 12.6V i would call up corsair and see if they will replace it under warranty because that would be outside of the +/- 5% allowed by the ATX specs.
  6. Thanx Hunter315.

    My brother has a multimeter.I'll borrow that ASAP(maybe mid-jan).

    But can these over-volted rails harm my PC components?
  7. 5 volts maybe. 12 volts, probably not. The main places the 12 volt outputs are used are the CPU power supply and the video power supply, where both use power regulators to step the voltage down to what the CPU and GPU need.
  8. One more question pls.

    I know +5V rail powers USB, IDE drives,mouse K\B.

    Does it also powers SATA Hard drives?
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