Advice on nas build

I plan to setup a server using freenas and I'd like to build it on the cheap. I've been considering an e-350 board, such as the ASRock. I have a few questions:

1. Anyone have any experience with freenas and the e-350 boards? Any recommendations?

2. I have an old P4 (Prescott) system. I could use this for the nas, but I figure the power consumption for a 24/7 server would be awful. I don't have a kill-a-watt meter or I'd test it out. Anyone with experience with, or thoughts, on this?

3. For the price of an e-350 board, it looks like I could build an Athlon II system. Would the perform increase be worth the extra power usage? Anyone have any idea about how much more in electricity the always on Athlon II system would cost over the e-350?

Thanks in advance!
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