Asus P7P55D boots for a second and then turns off

Dear Community,

Yesterday, I finished building up a gaming rig after weeks of hunting for good parts, and was surprised that everything just wouldn't boot up properly. I cam certain that all the cables and wires are connected correctly. So, when I try to turn it on, the front power LED lights up, the case, CPU and PSU fans start spinning for 2-3 seconds and even the mouse and keyboard lights up briefly, but then the whole system shuts down on its own. There is no BIOS screen nor video output on the monitor as it just turns off too quickly. No 'beeping' sounds are heard.


Antec 300 case:
Asus P7P55D:
Intel i7 750:
4GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3-PC14400 @1800mhz:
Novatech 800w ATX PSU:
1x Radeon 4850
2x Samsung spinpoint f3 hard drives

What I carefully checked:

Mobo's screws wasn't too tight and there were no 'unused' rivets underneath
i7 stock cooler and the arctic 7 pro rev2 were swapped around and tested
the layer of the thermal paste was thin and carefully applied (even tried to get some off)
RAM was fitted in different slots, along with the asus "MemOK" feature
CPU was carefully examined for any damage to pins or so, along with the 1156 socket on the mobo itself
Clearing the CMOS

What are the things could have been the most likely culprit?

PSU - It only came with 1x 4pin CPU power connector (not 8 or 4+4), but the mobo expects an 8-pin. Still, it was able to slot-in and I don't know if an adapter from 4 to 8-pin will do any good. The PSU fan span and the power button always lit up when the mains are on. Replace it perhaps?

RAM - could PC3-14400 1800mhz DDR3 RAM cause the CPU not to function properly, due to the high voltages? I was hoping to underclock the RAM in the BIOS, but nothing would load. I tried one stick of 1GB, all in different lanes but still no luck. Is it that instable?
The Asus Q-LED for 'RAM' lights up red very briefly when I push the power button, but then everything turns off.

CPU - Fitted in fine, pins were fine and the socket and the CPU itself didn't seem damaged. The Asus Q-LED for 'CPU' lights up for a sec when I power on the system, but then turns off. Like the RAM, it doesn't stay lit up after it shuts down on its own.

CPU fan - I tried both the stock cooler as well as the Arctic 7 pro rev2 cooler. Both span for a few seconds, but just like the case and psu fans, they all turned off automatically.
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  1. Well 1 problem I see is that the RAM you have is not listed in the QVL and It could be that the system is not loading the proper voltages for the ram. Also I have heard of so many people having trouble with those high frequency rams.

    The 8Pin connector should not matter it will run fine with the 4 Pin but If you plan on overclocking Id suggest getting a power supply with the 8 pin. Thosr adapters kind of defeat the purpose of the 8Pin buy just doubling the wires of the 4pin making the wires possibly draw too much and could actully melt the wires and connector and cause some serious problems.
  2. I think your case power button is shorted. Try to disconnect the power switch cable and turn on the PC by shorting the power pin.
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