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Looking to Build a Watercooling system

So i have decided i am going to invest in a nice water cooling setup. Budget for this setup is around 2k for water cooling and case. i have the rest of the components already. I have just been reading forums and toms tips and faqs on the water cooling and have decided i want to make a 1 loop, 2 Radiator, 1 reservoir, 1 or 2 pump system. Here is the list of the components i came up. I am not sure if i benefit much from adding a second pump or not.I Am looking for any advice on this system.

as for PC parts im running a Asus p8p67 evo, intel core i7 2600k, 16gb vengeance DDR3 1600, 1TB WD Caviar black, kingston hyper x 120gig SSD, 2X Evga 580 gtx ( Water block ).
I did not have any fluid chosen as i wasn't sure if should be buying the prebottled or just using distilled water with additives ? Also was planning on mounting the second rad were the drive bays are with a bit of case modification. Plan for the reservoir was to mount the back of the case were your MB would usually port out from keeping them as high as possible, and the pumps down below. This will be my first water cooling system all though i am a plumber by trade and install and heating/cooling systems on a day to day basis so i am pretty confident installing should not be a issue. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    I have just been reading forums and toms tips and faqs on the water cooling and have decided i want to make a 1 loop, 2 Radiator, 1 reservoir, 1 or 2 pump system.

    Pretty standard setup 'round these parts. The second pump is really up to you if you want some kind of redundancy. It isn't going to help too much with the cooling; it's more of a backup. Plus, the MCP35X is easily the best consumer/enthusiast-grade pump on the market (highest head pressure, almost the highest flow rate).


    I love the TJ cases. I have a Raven RV02 and have taken a liking to Silverstone's designs.


    I feel like $20 for TIM is a bit much. Sure there are better things than Arctic Silver 5, but I don't know how much extra performance you'll get for 4x the cost. There are some good pastes in the $10 range, but of course I don't remember their names (saw it on newegg; will do some looking later).


    I love my compression fittings (1/2" ID 3/4" OD). They're tricky to undo the first few times, but it gets easier as time goes on. Sometimes the black finish comes off, so make sure to use towels or some cloth if you use wrenches to loosen them.

    Primochill's tubing seems to suddenly have gotten popular. It's great tubing, so I'd say that's a good thing.


    The EK Supreme HF is a good block (I use the Full Copper), but XSPC's Raystorm has recently become one of the top blocks and is somewhat cheaper. Just something to consider.


    XSPC's RX360 is also a great rad. Manzooka has a build log around here with his i7 + 2x580s with an RX360 and RX240, and he's getting some great temps. Two RX360s in your system would be about as good as you can get with traditional watercooling.


    It's reservoir, and I've seen them in numerous systems. Not much to say TBH.


    The MCP35X is easily the best pump you could buy without going overboard. The white looks good too.

    2X Evga 580 gtx ( Water block )

    I'm assuming this means you have the HydroCopper models? Good choice.

    I did not have any fluid chosen as i wasn't sure if should be buying the prebottled or just using distilled water with additives?

    Distilled + silver killcoil. I use distilled + PT Nuke, but it'd be cheaper and easier to use a killcoil. Don't use a prebottled coolant, as most of them have too many additives that actually hurt the cooling (prevent heat transfer).
  2. I have the 80 version of that Bitspower reservoir...nice res. I wish I had gotten the larger one like this, but maybe I'll get the longer tube replacement someday.
  3. Just curious is there a huge advantage to 1/2" tubing over the 7/16 ( ID ) ? just seem's like your going to be restricted by the 1/4" thread anyway you go ?
  4. G1/4" isn't even related to 1/2"ID fitting/tubing size...completely different. Please check out the watercooling sticky- I have a section that explains this in detail.
  5. Does anyone know of a cheaper case that could accommodate 2X RX360 ??
  6. Sorry i should of been a bit more clear on my top question there. When i was asking about the G1/4" thread. what i was asking is what " IS " the id of the thread it self. From asking around and looking up online looks like its a 11m so that being said 1/2(12.5mm) tubing would be restricted by the g1/4" thread itself!. I just didn't want to purchase 1/2 ID tubing if i am going to be restricted at every joint i do. It sorta seems redundant no ?
  7. That article is very interesting thank you for the link!! After reading it i still got a question though, I am trying to look for some indication on the softness of tubing i selected above and cant seem to find any. Does anyone know if this type of tubing is appropriate for compression fittings ? or should i be looking for a harder tubing ? thanks again for all these answers there all very help full =D
  8. Primochill tubing is pretty solid (at least the 1/4" thick type - theres also 1/8" thick tubing as well). I sometimes have a bit of trouble getting it to bend, but its quite hard and shouldnt give you any problems.

    In a jiffy, it would make a great weapon ;)
  9. Alright so after reading your all the info i decided to draw up a rough picture of what it should look like. Wanting to know what everyone's opinions on the setup is. I have changed a few things like to 3/8ID due to the fact don't want to thin the wall of the tubing for a tiny bit of extra flow. as well as changed the case too the Xigmatek Elysium Black. Sorry for the poor quality photo only had my cellphone to take it from.
  10. The tubing you had originally would be fine - it's 3/16" thick according to those specs, which is almost 1/4" thick ;) That 1/16" isn't much of a concern - just make sure you get the appropriate compression fittings.
  11. here is my friends build (2x360 in Elysium)
    1/8 wall thickens will give you pace of mind and prevent kinking and is still very easy to work with,if you want to go with barbs your best bet is 3/8 id -5/8 od over 1/2 barbs if you won't do some crazy bends 1/16 wall is fine (for 1/16 wall i would go with compression's )
  12. One more question, should i have the front rad pushing out of the case or pushing in ?? and if i do have the front rad pushing out should i not make the back exhaust fan push in to try to give more flow in the case to even the flow going out ?
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