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Ok, so I'm searching Newegg and various sites researching motherboards - I can't tell which ones are dual processor without looking at the pics, is there a search term I can use, or can look for? They don't seem to separate MB's into single and dual processor groups (is there a site that does?)

I am trying to see what my options are, pricewise, with motherboards (and processors). So far I've narrowed my wish-list down to dual processor, LGA1366 (or comparable AMD, if there is)

I do Motion Graphics (After Effects) and Video editing - I want more bang for the buck! Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks all
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  1. Well in looking for a dual processor board you will have to looking the server and workstation boards also the 1366 dual processors can only be used with Xeon processors.. Now for a decent dual processor and motherboard your gonna be looking at atleast $2500. You might be a perfect candidate for the new I7 980x 6 core It will be cheaper then building a dual Xeon setup and will have performance like a dual processor system at about 50% less.

    Does that sound like it could be an option?
  2. It does. Does AMD have something comparable? Also, which option would hold up longer (upgrade-ability/obsolescence?) I was thinking dual processor so as to be able to just swap out chips later, or will the single processor I7 option keep up with the dual?

    I am asking because I have an LGA775 dual core now, which was awesome a few years ago, and I thought 775 would last a few more years than it did, so instead of upgrading the processor, like I thought at the time, I'm needing to change out the whole motherboard.

    I hope my question is clear...
  3. To be honest with you you do not need a dual processor system for what you are doing and AMD has nothing that will compare to what Intel has.

    Do you have a Budget that you are trying to stay with in.
  4. This'll prob sound weird, I do have a budget, but I don't know what it is yet.... I hate to put a number on it because I could say $500, but there may be a $600-700 option that would be perfect for what I need. I am trying to get enough information on what's out there so I can make an informed decision - I haven't been keeping up with the hardware game for a couple years, so I fell behind.

    basically, I know that the top of the line is usually unnecessary because the performance jump isn't as great from the next level down, but the price is steeper.

    I know I want as many cores and as much RAM as I can put in this thing, but not the top of the line stuff. would like to have USB 3.0 as well, since video takes so long to upload

    In talking price v. performance, what board/processor combo would yield the max before the performance curve starts leveling off, but the price jumps up?
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